Friday, 5 July 2013

Weekly Inspiration ~ 1-5 July

This week has been a fun one, with lots of school groups performing in the library as part of Maori Language Week 2013.

Comment July: I've been very inspired after reading through lots of blogs and commenting on the ones that really spoke to me. It's been a great experience so far. See my previous post for a roundup of all the blogs I've commented on this week.

Libraries are treasures: I enjoyed reading this article about how precious libraries are. Here is one quote that stood out to me in particular:

"I get butterflies just thinking about all the words, ideas and knowledge contained on those shelves. What a privilege we have to walk among great writers, ancient to contemporary. What history we can witness, what language we can absorb. A public library is a treasure"

Rediscovering favourite songs: I've been listening to 'Send me on my way' by Rusted Root non stop for the last week. Matilda used to be my favourite movie as a kid ( I'm pretty sure I watched it every Friday night) and I could never find the song that played as the movie ended, until I randomly came across it while looking for songs for an upcoming mini road trip. I was super stoked!

She was a bookworm like me!

As always, I'd love to hear, read or see anything that you have found inspiring or motivating over the last week. Just leave a comment here on the blog or send me a tweet @JuliadeRuiter

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