Saturday, 12 October 2013

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 15

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 15: Today's photo is a flashback to our Christmas photo in 2010! The Oamaru Library staff are skilled, friendly and always willing to help you with your enquiry. Thanks for joining us on this virtual library tour, it’s been a pleasure. We hope you learnt a bit more about all the exciting items and services the library can offer. Hope to see you soon!

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 14

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 14: Did you know we have an Adult Literacy Collection? It is hidden away near the APNK computers-please do ask a staff member if you would like direction. This collection is great for people who find reading difficult but want more mature content. Andrina, our Large Print Co-ordinator looks after this collection and is the person to talk to if you would like to know more about the collection or make some suggestions.

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 13

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 13: Local musician and Library Assistant Lynley Caldwell, is pictured with our CD collection. This collection houses a number of music CD's from many different genres- classical, jazz, contemporary, rock, meditative/relaxing and even Lynley’s own CD- ‘Waiting for the lark’-. What kind of CD’s would you like to see in the collection?

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 12

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 12: The Heritage Collection is a comprehensive collection of local history books. These are available for use in the library only. The collection will be of particular interest to local history researchers and genealogists. Located next to the Heritage Collection is the Janet Frame collection which contains a large selection of Janet Frame’s books. A number of these books are in languages such as Danish, French and German.

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 11

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 11: Customer Services Co-ordinator Brenda Wollstein is pictured in front of our Graphic Novel collection. The graphics are a very popular aspect of the library collection and we have some great titles like 'The Sandman' by Neil Gaiman and the Alex Rider series. The Children’s Area also has a graphic novel collection with books like Tintin and Asterix. Do you like reading graphics? What are your favourites?

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 10

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 10: Library Assistant Julia de Ruiter is pictured in front of her display in the children’s area. Displays are the perfect way to showcase the treasures held in our library collections. If a book on display catches your eye, it can usually be taken out there and then. Pop into the library regularly to see what great items Julia has hunted out from the children’s collections!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 9

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 9:
Fiona makes another appearance! She is pictured in our wonderful children’s area. This space is full of awesome materials to suit all kinds of ages and readers. Did you know this area houses the Parents Collection which provides resources for parents about issues their child may be going through? Topics include bullying, divorce, starting school, feelings,adoption & more. It’s a great collection which is often overlooked so be sure to check it out next time you’re in the library!

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 8

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 8:
Andrina Butcher is our Large Print Co-ordinator, which involves buying Large Print books, co-ordinating the arrival of the National Library Audio Book tapes, buying DVDs and more! She is pictured by our DVD collection which we have been expanding over the last few months. Are there any DVDs you would like to see in this collection? You can comment here or fill in one of our online suggestion to purchase forms

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 7

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 7:
Library Assistant Yvonne Wilson is pictured with our Dorothy Cayford music collection. Miss Cayford was a well-respected musician and singing teacher in Oamaru and bequeathed her sheet music collection to the library after her death in 1995. This collection is a unique and valuable asset and is of particular interest to music students and teachers. It contains notated musical scores of classical, musical and operatic genres. It also includes popular music of Miss Cayford’s time. Feel free to come and browse through the collection at your leisure.

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 6

Oamaru Library Tour: Day 6:
The Community Noticeboard is a great place to find out about different activities happening around the community. Community Services Librarian Jean Rivett organises this board so come and see her if you want to promote a community based activity.