Friday, 5 July 2013

Comment July Weekly Roundup #1

I've really enjoyed the first week of Comment July. Here is a list of all the blogs I've commented on this week.

Audacious Fizz: 
I wish I could comment on all the posts on this fabulous blog. I love the way Megan challenges librarians to think in different ways- I know she has definitely inspired me to make some changes in my day to day work activities.

The Well Read Kitty:
Reading is one of my favourite hobbies so I loved reading this blog all about books!

My Best Friends Are Books:
If you want the latest information about children's and YA books, Zac's blog is the place to go!

The post I read-'So, you want to be a librarian?' was such a good one. I liked that it made me think in different ways and really assess why I enjoy being a librarian so much.

Letters to a Young Librarian:
I really enjoyed this post about why manning the circulation desk is so important.

If you've been participating in Comment July, I'd love to hear what blogs you have commented on and any thoughts you have about it. Just leave a few lines here on the blog or send me a tweet @JuliadeRuiter

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