Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Top five YA novels

In the time I've been reading YA novels, these are the five books that have really stood out to me and that I'd be happy to read again and again. I've done book reviews for all of these books here on the blog except Winter of Fire, so just click on the tiles for a more in depth review.

1: Somebody everybody listens to by Suzanne Supplee: 
I reviewed this book for one of our local papers,The Waitaki Herald.  You can read it here. 
I really, really enjoyed this. 

2: Winter of Fire by Sheryl Jordan:
I got this book given to me as a prize when I was at primary school. It has such good memories associated with it, but I've also reread it as an adult and really enjoyed it. ( I haven't put a book cover on because none of the ones I can find are the same as the copy I own!)

3: Divergent by Veronica Roth:
Ah, Veronica Roth. In my eyes she is almost equal to JK Rowling. Probably the best YA series I've read. Cannot wait for Allegiant!!!!

4: Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt: 
This is the most recent read for me. I really enjoyed the story line and thought it was something a bit different.


5:Saving June by Hannah Harrington:
I read this as an ebook while I was on holiday and I probably enjoyed it the most out of all the books listed here. 


  1. I've been wanting to read Divergent for a long time now...It seems to be popping up in my life a lot lately, clearly a sign :P

  2. Thanks for your comment Laura :) Divergent is excellent! Definitely read it :)