Thursday, 27 June 2013


This post is inspired by Abigail Willemse's post ' #CommentJuly- The Ground Rules'. I thought I would make my own guidelines on here for quick and easy reference. See Abby's blog also for how #CommentJuly came about :)

So, here are my guidelines for #CommentJuly:

1: I will comment on at least one blog every day for the month of July. As I'm going to be away I may comment twice on some days in advance.

2: At the end of every week I will post a link to all the blogs I've commented on and do a quick feature on the blog I found most valuable that week.

3: I will also post to Twitter every time I comment so that other participants have easy access to blogs I've found.

Are you going to be participating in #CommentJuly? If so, post a comment and your blog URL in the comments section & I'll make sure I check your blog out :)


  1. Great ideas! I'll be participating, my blog is
    I've also just done a form to see if I can get an idea of how many people are planning on joining us -

  2. Great post Julia :) Also did a post about #CommentJuly; wonder how many people will get on board?
    I'm definitely doing it and my blog is

  3. Thanks for your comments Catherine and Abigail :D I'm really looking forward to challenging myself and finding awesome new blogs :)