Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Book Review: Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt

This is another book that I'd been meaning to read for ages and because I got a nasty case of the flu I (finally) had nothing to do but sit in bed, reading and sleeping ( the one perk of being sick).

The book follows Jenna, a 14 year old girl whose face has been badly disfigured from a car accident.She has been practically housebound for a year after the accident, wearing a mask to help her face heal and dealing with the trauma from the accident.

Soon after she plucks up courage to go outside into the 'real world', she runs into a gypsy boy Ryan, who strangely, doesn't judge her for her terrible burns. Ryan also has something he is ashamed of and I think this helps cement their connection.
This is the beginning of a strong friendship that eventually turns into a romantic relationship.

Ryan lives with his Mum, who makes and sells jewellery, on a river boat. Ryan just wants to have an ordinary life and stay in one place long enough to make meaningful friendships. Jenna's family are trying to live a quiet life, but find it difficult continually seeing the boy who caused the accident.

What sets it apart from other YA novels is the subject matter. Jarratt deals with some pretty sensitive issues -alcohol abuse, mental health and even murder. Jarratt navigates these areas with class. She delves into the characters emotions and lets us feel the anger, sadness and fear that they feel. For me, this made what could have been a typical YA novel into a really special one.

For her debut novel, I think Laura Jarratt has done a really good job of crafting a relatable and satisfying read.

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