Friday, 19 April 2013

Weekly inspiration ~ 15- 19 April

Another busy week gone past! Hopefully next week slows down a little bit. :)
I had a fantastic time last night at an Aoraki LIANZA event in Rangiora. It was awesome to network with other librarians- I forgot how refreshing it is to meet people that have a similar mindset to you and that you don't have to explain every aspect of being a librarian to!

 I've also been finding lots of great articles and ideas on Twitter this week- here are my top ones :)

1: 20 Ways Libraries Are Using Pinterest Right Now: Being a massive fan of Pinterest I thought this article had some really exciting ideas and ones that I can use for my personal account too :)

2: Re-reading my favourite books from high school. I've been feeling nostalgic lately and decided to re-read this fantasy series by David Eddings. I'm not a fan of fantasy anymore but I'm still devouring these books!

3: This Joy of Reading board on Pinterest: I love these quotes and pictures!

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