Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The value of study

I am currently studying with the Open Polytechnic and thought I would share my experience of studying while working full time. I've been thinking quite a bit lately about how much value study adds to my working life and whether its "worth it". I've decided it definitely is, even if this is how I feel sometimes!
 Study makes going to work every day have a meaning other then just earning a living. The things I learn and topics I think about  in study have helped me so much in my ability to solve tricky reference enquiries, deal with unhappy customers and make difficult decisions on the spot.  Having that background makes me feel confident that I do know what I'm doing and that I can handle anything the day may throw at me.
The paper I'm doing at the moment is called User Education and Reference and I'm finding it very relevant and timely. The first assignment is all about information literacy in libraries  and how librarians can use learning theory to make classes they may teach more beneficial. Even though I often send withering glances to my textbooks wondering why they torture me so, I do realise the value of study. It gives you that 'professional' knowledge and gives you up-to-date facts and issues to think about. I think library studies students are at the forefront of latest library issues and how to solve them. ( Not that there aren't other fabulous people out there doing the same!)

So, I will endeavour to have a more positive outlook on study and the fact that poor me has to spend evenings slogging away on my assignment after a hard day of work *sob*!

Any tips or comments welcomed, either here or on Twitter @JuliadeRuiter

Julia :)


  1. Great to see sharing of your time as student + full-time worker -- there's so many folks in NZ juggling both! Looking forward to hearing more about it. Chocolate, Twitter and walks outside can all help with the stress ;-)

  2. I'm amazed at the amount of people who are studying/working- makes me feel a lot better! Thanks for your tips- especially the chocolate :)

  3. Hi Julia
    I'm working on my last two papers (for BAppSc ILS)through the Open Polytechnic while working full-time too! It has been a long journey and I'm certain every time assignments are due I have thought 'why do I put myself through this?'... but the end (for the moment anyway) is in my sights!

    After much slogging in evenings, I discovered that setting my alarm for 6am and doing an hour before any 'other stuff' starts for the day works for me. Coffee first. I'm not really a morning person, but the body quickly gets used to it and I find I'm a lot more motivated to get into it. I wish I had learned this a lot earlier!

    Keep up the good work - it IS worth it! :-)

  4. Duckie- So cool to virtually meet another library studies student that feels my pain with assignments etc! Good on you for going for the degree- not sure if I can bear another 3 years of study. Thanks for the tip-will definitely need the coffee!! Thanks also for the encouragement :)